Night Wish

Yesterday we received an EMMA award for the most selling album in Finland 2011

  • Anette Olzon
  • Tuomas Holopainen
  • Marco Hietala
  • Jukka Nevalainen
  • Emppu Vuorinen

Night Wish

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DJs and night clubs

You must wonder why the places people go to meet at night to celebrate and have drinks are called night clubs. The reason as why these clubs are given to the name night club is that the people in the nineteenth century used to go to these places only at night and not at day time and that why these places were give the name night clubs

Nowadays the night clubs are not defined as they used to be defined in the past years. In recent days night clubs are defined in a very better manner. Nowadays night clubs are set places where people and friends go at night to enjoy music with dancing while drinking. Dj desk and a dance floor are all consisted in the night clubs. Live bands are some of the music that is played at the night clubs. Sometimes the night club DJ can plan to play out the god mix band according to what the night club client love.

All clubs have the major attraction which is lighting. The lighting offers the special feel to the night club clients while dancing. Disco balls and strobe light are some of the lighting that are used in the night clubs. More people are attracted to the night clubs by the smoke machines and bubble which are implemented to add taste to the night club celebration., provide adequate protection.

House music, hip hop, drum and bass and garage are some of the music genres used in the night clubs. It is the duty of the DJ to sort out the music list and give out something that is not repetitive. To any particular night club DJ is the only special person who contributes much in the night club by gaining a reputation in giving out music.

Live bands are played in the concert night clubs and the bands can be hired or be performed by the artists themselves. The places where there is an ongoing show it is the only place you can get concert night clubs. Open all ages is the special night club that is set for all people of different ages. The non- drinking individuals can as well visit the open all ages clubs and enjoy the live music/ band.

Especially the night clubs with experienced night club DJs, the entry fee will differ from particular club to another that will cover the pay of the DJ.